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Bun Bun Studio features bunny themed art illustrated by Jenna Bastian. It is run from the artist's home in Pflugerville, TX, with the help of her husband Jeffrey, bunny manager Lucita, and bunny secretary Hansel. They have been volunteering at House Rabbit Resource Network since 2018, where they met and adopted their two bunnies.

All illustrations are hand drawn by the artist using Clip Studio Paint, and each takes 5-8 hours. AI is not used for this art (AI uses stolen/copyrighted art from artists who took years or decades to perfect their style. Using AI "art" is like playing a self-playing piano...).

About the Artist

Jenna Bastian, or jennbasti, is a freelance comic artist. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Technology at UT-Dallas with a focus in 3D modeling and storyboarding for games and animation. After graduating, she worked as museum security for four years while working on her comic and smaller art commissions. Now she is a full time illustrator at work while working on her manga World of Yarn and bunny art Bun Bun Studio.

Jenna got her first bunny, Chelsie, in 2002 which started her love for bunnies. She learned how to draw by sketching her bunnies in the Redwall world (animal stories written by Brian Jacques). From there she started creating her own stories and characters which is now a comic with the first volume already published. You can learn more about her comic at worldofyarn.com, and view more of her work on her Instagram @jennbasti or portfolio at jennbasti.com

Enjoying nature with Lucita - llustration by jennbasti

House Rabbit Resource Network

We've been volunteering at HRRN for almost three years and got to see so many different bunnies. During our time here we learned a lot more about rabbits, and helped feed, water, and clean the ~100 bunnies. Want to help volunteer, adopt, or donate? Visit their website: RabbitResource.org. You can also follow HRRN's Facebook and Instagram.  

The House Rabbit Resource Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits by:

  • Educating people about caring for companion rabbits as house pets
  • Facilitating rabbit rescues and adoptions
  • Promoting rabbit advocacy and welfare

We are also a network of house-rabbit enthusiasts in Austin, Texas who help each other with information, support, outreach and camaraderie. “Your friends may tire of your endless rabbit tales, but we won’t!”